After complaints from unsuspecting cellphone users and the very vocal Senator Chuck Schumer, the Federal Trade Commission is suing the telemarketing companies responsible for billions of robocalls selling auto warranty extensions. The Wall Street Journal reports, "In two related complaints filed in federal court on Thursday, the FTC said it was taking action against the promoter of the phony extended auto warranties, as well as the telemarketing company that it hired to carry out its allegedly illegal campaign. The FTC filed complaints against four companies and a handful of individuals related to their operations." FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said, "This is one of the most aggressive telemarketing schemes the FTC has ever encountered. not sure which is worse, the abusive telemarketing tactics of these companies, or the way they try to deceive people once they get them on the phone. Either way, we intend to shut them down.” The FTC also noted that even 911 dispatchers get these calls!