Imagine, if you will, the beads of sweat racing down your temples as you prepare to tackle the climb fast approaching in the distance. Your knuckles are white as they grip the handlebars, your legs are pumping, but the burn in your thighs is a distant blip in your mental horizon—who could dwell on the ephemera of screaming muscles in the presence of such staggering beauty? Pine trees stretching deep into misty skies. Grand rock formations pushed up and out of the damp earth. And up there! Is that a hawk?

No, that's just a busted light fixture. You're not riding up a remote mountain pass deep in the Catskills; you're peddling a stationary bike in a windowless DUMBO warehouse. You haven't been riding for several hours to reach these breathtaking vistas; moments prior to this, you were paying four dollars for a coffee and trying to scream your brunch plans into your phone while the F train quaked overhead. The stench of sweat-on-Lululemon "Find Your Mantra" pants permeates the air-conditioned chill. You've probably paid 40 bucks for this.

IMAX Fit LLC has applied for a permit to open a "SoulCycle-like gym" at 135 Plymouth Street, with the idea of marrying the immersive cinematic experience with the chic fitness regimen of the moneyed professional. “It will be almost as if the cyclist was on a road trip,” IMAX's lawyer said during Community Board 2's land use committee meeting on Wednesday. Almost.

According to DNAinfo, the gym will consist of tiered rows of stationary bikes facing the massive screen, which will broadcast "nature scenes" to their rapt, sweat-slicked faces. Ambient music will play under the sounds of barked orders from the instructor.

Classes—the first of their kind in the nation—will be held seven days a week and last an hour each. CB2 voted 10-2 in favor of approval, though the plan will still have to go before the full board. The building's current tenants are a paper recycling company and some semi-legal artist's studios, so this should be easy.