How long does it take to go from benchwarmer to action figure? About a month, apparently. Which is to say, if you've been looking for that perfect gift for the fair weather Knicks fan in your life and have a few extra grand burning a hole in your pocket...have we found the item for you.

Why, for a mere $2,500 you can get yourself your very own Jeremy Lin action figure based on the '80s G.I. Joe character Storm Shadow! Sure! As of this moment this appears to be the only existing Lin action figure out there, so you better act fast. Here's how it is described:

This original, one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted, 9” tall figure is made from polymer clay (Fimo & Sculpey), elastic cord, stryofoam & steel armatures. It has nine moving parts, including removable accessories (a 'regulation' basketball and a birch wood ball & chain) and comes with a bamboo wood base with steel foot pegs for a sleek display option. Hand-painted details display the Taiwanese flag's sun (w/ basketball) logo and "Lin Seventeen" (on his back).

Plus, this Lin has nine moving parts and three removable accessories (including a "regulation" basketball). How could you not buy one? Or three?

Update: You are too late, it already sold out.