2007_12_gzmass.jpgFamilies of September 11 victims and rescue workers held a midnight Christmas Mass at Ground Zero for the last time, as construction will make it impossible for masses to be held on-site in future years. The Reverend Brian Jordan, who has been holding the Ground Zero mass since 2001, said, "This is the holiest of all nights. We're here on sacred ground. That's what makes it special."

The mass was held near a trailer on the eastern portion of the World Trade Center site. Jordan said that he was ending the annual mass because the Port Authority said construction would make finding a mass site difficult. But the Port Authority issued a statement, per the AP, "saying Monday a spot would be found if Jordan wanted to hold future services at the site." Hmm, sounds like the PA wants to avoid a potential public relations nightmare with families of 9/11 victims protesting, similar to how families were upset when the location of this past year's September 11 commemoration changed due to construction(but families were still allowed to visit the pit).

One mourner whose cousin, a Port Authority engineer, died at the World Trade Center, explained the importance of the on-site mass, "You get a feeling for the place again. I can feel the spirit of 3,000 people." But one Queens resident whose sister died in the attacks seemed less concerned with the location, "It doesn't get any easier. I would like for [Christmas] to give me hope, but it only makes me miss her more."