A better Wall Street story than those crazy big bonuses brokers are getting: The grandson of late Giants owners Wellington Mara got into a fight with another broker on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. What caused the fight? The other broker's joking words about how crappy the Giants are!

The Post had the details from the broker, Bob Tomasulo, who Stephen Mara "choked and tackled", as well as otherwitnesses. Apparently Eagles fan Tomasulo joked about the Giants' loss to the Eagles.

"Mara started screaming, 'I'm gonna f- - -ing kill you! Don't f- - - around with my family! Don't insult my family!' " one broker said.

"Bob was like, 'Hey, what is your problem? It's just a game!' And Mara yells, 'No, it's not just a game, it's my f- - -ing family!' "...

[Tomasulo on gloating about the Eagles' win]: "[Yesterday] morning, I just did that stupid little jump shot, and I said, 'Maybe you have a basketball team instead of a football team.'

"[Mara] just snapped. He charged me like an animal. He charged me like he wanted to sack me.

"At first, he got me in a bear hug and bent me over a trading post. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then he proceeded to choke me. I passed out for a minute."

A broker who witnessed the incident said, "When it was over, Mara walked back to his booth and was just kind of laughing it off."

If only Nate Robinson and Carmelo Anthony were there, too! Anyway, Mara's story is that he and Tomasulo have been joking about their teams' rivalries and that it got out of hand. He also claims he tried to apologize, but wasn't able to speak to Tomasulo yet. We bet he called his lawyer first!

We can't imagine this is the first fight on the floor of the NYSE, but over a football team - even your own family's? Maybe this is just confirmation that the Giants' season is really going downhill.

Wellington Mara died in October 2005; the Giants won the game after Mara's death, beating the Redskins 36-0.

Photograph of the New York Stock Exchange by mihow on Flickr