So, has anyone seen the lifesized cut-outs of men peeing in the street? Or the cardboard toilet seat covers on garbage cans? The Daily News said that the grassroots organization, The Privy Council, was starting a guerilla ad campaign to demand more public bathrooms from the city. Gothamist is all for more bathrooms in NYC, but we're a little concerned if people see toilet covers on garbage cans - we don't know if we'd be able to take seeing someone sit on a garbage can to take a dump. If you say, "Hey, the city signed a $1 billion street furniture deal that includes 20 public toilets," the Privy Council would laugh in your face: PC founder Steve Stollman (also known as the "peeing guy") told the News, "That's kind of a joke. "There are 18 million people in the New York metro area, and 20 toilets?" Yeah, the math totally sucks. Stollman does have an interesting idea of trying to make bathrooms at, say, a Starbucks, "more public" so there would be more ways to go to the bathroom; Gothamist's advice is to duck into a bar or Gap and beg to use their bathroom - proprietors are usually pretty willing when you threaten to pee on their floor.

Fun facts from the American Restroom Associations: "Singapore is a 650 sq km piece of land. It has 29,500 public toilets(1). New York City, with a land area of 831 sq km, has 1178 public toilets." How Stuff Works explains toilets - but not the public kind. Add Your Own has public bathrooms in the city listed as does The Bathroom Diaries, and here are Gothamist posts on finding a bathroom and getting a need to pee card. And let us know if you have pictures of the cardboard cut-outs!