2005_08_billboardillegal.jpgState Assemblymember Scott Stringer and State Senator Tom Duane want the city to crackdown on illegal outdoor advertising, specifically on the sidewalk shed scaffolding. They call it damaging to quality of life, Gothamist sort of agrees, as we stumble when we're trying to figure out what the ugly ass ad's message is trying to be (We get it, Song, you're almost as good as JetBlue!), but we rather the scaffolding smell less like piss. String said, "This is now the new black market of commercial advertising," but sometimes buildings obtain permits for the ads. One co-op board president says, "They offer you a tremendous amount of money, which is intoxicating." If Gothamist was in a co-op where there was scaffolding and ads, we'd be wondering if our charges were much less. And if the building would get free samples of the product advertised, like a free car.

What do you think of these outdoor ads? Gothamist on the proliferation of ads downtown and the illegal H&M ad on the Flatiron. And Newsday has outdoor advertising fever, as they examine a new billboard for the late Rabbi Schneerson.

Photograph from Newsday