2006_03_lovelyrita.jpgAnother interesting thing the Indepedent Budget Office found: If you fight your parking ticket in person, you'll have a better chance of beating it. The IBO says that people who fight parking tickets via the mail are found guilty 32% of the time more than people who fight live. The Post printed the numbers:

According to the study, those who mail in their pleas beat tickets just 40.6 percent of the time, while 38.8 percent are found guilty, 17.8 percent have penalties reduced and 2.8 percent have their base fines reduced.

But those appealing in person got out of paying fines 49.4 percent of the time, while 29.4 percent were found guilty, 19.8 percent had penalties reduced and 1.4 percent had base fines reduced.

And in-person hearings are more likely to be settled as well.

Have you fought a ticket in court? One man used a Google Map to fight his parking ticket when he went to court to fight it.