phpPlJ6hoPM.jpgLast year questions came out surrounding the amount of money that Hilly Kristal, the late founder of CBGB, actually had when he died. Now the NY Times delves into the ongoing family fued: "its ownership and legacy are being challenged by a lawsuit that has riven the family of its proprietor, Hilly Kristal, who died last year... the case is filled with accusations of fraud and deception, and it adds a bitter coda to the story of a beloved New York institution." The woman behind the lawsuit is the 83-year-old former wife of Kristal, Karen Kristal (real name Sara Rebecca). She accuses their "daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman, 53 — who inherited the bulk of her father’s estate of more than $3 million — systematically deceived her by hiding money from the sale of merchandise." While the battle continues, the Village Voice points out that "anyone who had to get paid by Hilly knows that fighting over money is actually an integral part of the legacy." Indeed.