The special election to take Anthony Weiner's seat in Congress is coming up fast (next Tuesday!) and the race is a tight one. Despite being in a heavily Democratic area the Republican nominee, Bob Turner, has picked up a strong string of endorsements (not just former mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani but also the editorial boards at the Post and the News) and is nipping at the heels of Democratic candidate David Weprin, who is fighting back with a quarter-million in television ads. But Dems are starting to get antsy that this race is way too close for comfort. "The idea that this race is so close is a humiliation for the Democratic Party," a New York Democratic official told the Post. Also? Jerry Springer is a relavent character in this whole thing! No, really.

The Times today gave Bob Turner the full profile treatment, in which Turner talks about everything from his adopted AIDS orphan to his career in television—which we had totally forgotten included a stint as a creator of no less a piece of pure Americana as The Jerry Springer Show (“For a guy who likes the Metropolitan Opera and museums,” Turner told the Gray Lady, “Jerry is not exactly my proudest moment, you know, as you can imagine.”). Which, well, puts an interesting spin on the guy.

Meanwhile, Weprin's move into agressive TV buys (the 30-second spots paint Turner's views on Medicare and Social Security as coming out of a teapot) comes as Governor Cuomo has moved into offer him support and as Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind followed through on his threat to endorse Turner. Hikind says his choice to vote against Weprin "sends a signal to President Obama over his policies on Isreal and the economy" (surely Weprin's support of gay marriage had nothing to do with it). How exactly this will all play out in the next few days is truly up in the air, but expect the Weprin campaign to focus in on one particular quote from Turner in the pair's most recent debate: In jest Turner said “I never met a tax loophole I didn’t like.”

"Turner walked into a campaign commercial," a Weprin insider told the Post.