Teacher Joseph Gullotta and assistant Abraham Fox were accused of starting an impromptu "Fight Club" at PS 65 in Ozone Park earlier this year. They are facing child endangerment charges for the fighting, but according to new reports, the father of one of the boys involved is now making accusations that Gullotta groped his son on five occasions in 2009.

Eleven-year-old Tomas Rivera's father, Thomas, told the News that the boy is so traumatized that he's had to home school him since the incident last January. According to the Post, Gullotta showed the boy pictures of women in bathing suits and asked whether the bodies were "sexy" or whether the model had a "tight ass."

Gullotta has not been charged with sexual assault, but has been reassigned (along with Fox) to a "rubber room." Gullotta's attorney said the father was trying to squeeze money from the City: "...if they want a big payday, they should go out and earn it like everybody else, or go down to the corner store and buy a lottery ticket. The two kids got into a scuffle and banged their heads together. It's nonsense."