When you are a second generation governor with excellent approval ratings and awhile to go before a viable space opens up in the White House, what to do? Why, if your name is Andrew Cuomo you write a book! A book about being governor, specifically.

Cuomo and his former top aide Steve Cohen are apparently shopping a book that will, according to Cohen, "focus on his experiences as governor, his philosophy of government and a prospective look at long-term issues and challenges to be addressed within New York." Now they just need to find the right co-author to get the book out in 2014, a very convenient year to release a book on governing if you are aiming for a second term in Albany.

Meanwhile, Cuomo's book won't be the only one on his short tenure hitting bookstores soon. Fred Dicker of the Post is working on a biography (with Cuomo's blessing) and Vanity Fair's Michael Shnayerson is working on one as well—though Cuomo has not decided to cooperate on that one yet.

For what it's worth, this won't be Cuomo's first book. Surely we can't be the only ones who pull down their copy of Crossroads: The Future of American Politics whenever they can't fall asleep? Cuomo's only misstep with that book is that it's not a novelization of Britney Spears's seminal film from the year prior.