The Brooklyn neighborhood of Madison's James Madison High School, better known to tabloid readers as Horndog High, has another sex scandal on its hands, this one involving a married, 38-year-old special education teacher who allegedly had sex with a student every day for two months, and at one point drove her to a Brooklyn Comfort Inn and photographed it. The teacher, Robert Cain, is the fifth accused of sexual misconduct in six years at the school, which is so famously randy a student recorded a rap song about it.

The Post describes the latest alleged transgressions beginning this way, as outlined in a report from a city investigation:

[Cain] joked with the girl, chatted about class work and family, teased her and complemented her clothes and looks, the report says.

He then spoke about his young daughter, his "ongoing divorce, and his lack of sex." The student told probers she liked Cain and "did not want to see him depressed."

During class that November, the report says, Cain walked around to the girl's desk and whispered in her ear, "I have inappropriate feelings for you."

It gets grosser from there, with most of the alleged sex taking place in Cain's office and another room, along with the motel trip that Cain didn't exactly deny to investigators:

"So what if I took [the student]," he is quoted as saying. "It doesn't matter anymore. I'm not a tenured teacher, and I won't get a job teaching anywhere. I might as well resign."

Other scandals from the school's checkered recent past include:

Married, then-36-year-old English teacher Erin Sayar slept with a 16-year-old football player several times, and texted him more than 3,800 times in one month of 2012. She received 10 years probation and lost her teaching license as a result.

In 2009, a custodian came upon Spanish and French teachers Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro half-naked in a janitor's closet, Mauro with her head between Brito's legs. Brito insisted that Mauro was checking her blood sugar, inadvertently minting a new catchphrase for students to snicker at. The Department of Education fired both, but a judge reversed the discipline and Brito is headed back to the classroom in the fall, while Mauro's case is still pending, according to the Post.

Also that year, 31-year-old social studies teacher Allison Musacchio was pulled from the school for sleeping with a student after investigators found more than 200 text-messages and calls between the two. The Post reports she was fired in 2010.

None of this can endear the school to its more buttoned-up alumni, who include Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sen. Charles Schumer, and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Comic Chris Rock, who was relentlessly bullied there, may get a kick out of it. Not the alleged preying on a special-needs kid, though. That's just foul.