Footage of Fidel Castro was released yesterday, showing the former Cuban president visiting with Venezulan President Hugo Chavez and his young brother Raul Castro, who now rules Cuba. Per CBS News:

A thin but animated Castro, dressed in an open-neck track suit over pajamas, is seen in a spirited conversation with the other two men in an unidentified garden setting. There is no audio, but the government news anchor said the three were discussing the global food crisis and the U.S. elections, among other issues.

Last month, the 81-year-old Castro wrote an editorial for Cuban newspaper Granma (reprinted by the Guardian) essentially supporting Barack Obama, noting the presidential candidate's progressiveness, but also criticized him, "Were I to defend him, I would do his adversaries a favour. I have therefore no reservations about criticising him and expressing myself frankly."

Castro resigned from the Cuban presidency in February, after almost 50 years of rule.