092308yup.jpgHigh five, bro: White people are making a big comeback in New York! Census figures show that the number of whites has increased in recent years, reversing a half century of white flight to the suburbs. Also, the Census Bureau found the number of Hispanic immigrants dipped last year for the first time in decades, and that's partly because they're the ones fleeing to the suburbs, in search of cheaper housing and better schools. According to the survey, Hispanic New Yorkers now account for 27% of the population, while the proportion of blacks declined to 23.5% in 2007. Asians make up 12% of New Yorkers and they were the fastest-growing group in the city until last year, when non-Hispanic whites grew faster, to over 35%. But white might not be the new black for long: As one Queens College professor points out to the Times, “a lot of the non-Hispanic whites are plainly associated with the financial community.”