Here's a comforting thought as you wobble down the crowded streets on your newly-minted Citi Bike: Fewer than half of New York City's wannabe drivers pass their road tests. According to the Daily News, a measly 46 percent of the city's 181,196 test-takers are granted licenses, thanks to increasingly lean driver's ed programs and general ill-preparedness on the part of drivers.

Drivers are required to spend "a minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice behind the wheel, with at least 15 hours at night." But thanks to decreasing availability of drivers ed classes in schools, many of these hours are spent with a parents or relatives whose own driving skills aren't quite up to snuff, the tabloid reports.

“Most of them know how to drive, but when it comes down to the test, that’s when they get overwhelmed,” Mason Wangy, a volunteer at Brooklyn Driving School, told the tabloid. “They are shaking and going to the bathroom.”

Driving dogs, on the other hand, boast nearly a 100 percent pass rate.