Airports sound like they're going to be a fun place to be in the coming days, thanks to the double-whammy of fewer planes and a 2.8% nationwide increase in air travel, according to AAA. AAA New York's Robert Sinclair Jr. said, "It's said that consumer spending is what helps get an economy out of the doldrums. I think one of the first things that people do when the economy turns around is take a trip." Here's why your hours at the airport will ruin the rest of your vacation.

Tom Parsons of told the Post, "There's going to be a lot of rookies out there—people who don't travel much. And the baggage police will be out in force making them check carry-on bags because overhead space is going to be very limited." There will also be the fun of deciding whether you'd like a full-body scan or a groping session. And don't forget the chance that your bags could go on vacation without you.

So how to make being shuttled off to the in-laws' as pleasant as possible? Parsons suggests "get to the airport an hour earlier than normal" and "keep checking your flight to make sure nothing has been changed in your itinerary." We say just ditch the whole thing for Chinese food and a movie.