Former pro football player Brian Holloway's Labor Day weekend was ruined after he discovered that hundreds of teens had broken into his upstate NY home for a massive party which caused thousands of dollars of damage. Holloway, a former Patriots and Raiders offensive lineman, ended up re-posting photographs of many of the teens on a site called in an attempt to "teach our kids to be accountable." He also asked for the teens to come to a picnic for veterans at the home on Saturday and help clean it up. In the end, YNN reports only a few teens showed up. "I still feel like we're going to be harassed on Twitter," said one of them, 16-year-old Mikaela Byrnes, "but I guess we're not going to look as bad?"

"I appreciate you guys being here," Holloway told three of the teens, whom he hugged outside the vandalized home. "I'll yell at you later, but now's not the time for that." He asked them to tweet about their experience helping to repair his home, and asked them to reach out to their classmates and other fellow partygoers: "They're carrying a lot of weight, right? That's bad," he said. "There's some that are scared, that are overwhelmed, that are frightened."

Holloway, who lives primarily in Tampa now, told us on Friday that he estimates there is $20-40K in damage to the house, including smashed windows and glass doors, an "enormous amount" of graffiti, urine-soaked carpets, holes in the ceilings, and a stolen eagle statue (which has since been returned). He also said that many parents of the teens who vandalized the home have threatened him with lawsuits for re-posting their Tweets and Instagrams of the party.

There's another new wrinkle for Holloway: anonymous neighbors complained to TMZ that the house was already in disrepair and in foreclosure. These anonymous neighbors, who sound like they could be bitter parents of some of those teens, say "the kids who Brian is now attacking are getting a bad rap. They say there was already plenty of damage to the home before the party in question." They add that, "before the blow-out bash, neighbors say kids staged a number of parties in the house -- which has no furniture."