After the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee decided to give Florida's and Michigan's delegates half votes, a dedicated Hillary Clinton supporter who had traveled from Manhattan to the meeting on Saturday vented to those gathering at the Marriott. And did she vent!

Caught by left-leaning blog Firedoglake (video above), Harriet Christian, a self-described "older American woman," accused the Democratic Party of throwing female Democrats under the bus and called Barack Obama "an inadequate black male." And then she said, "They think we won't turn and vote for McCain? Well I got news for all of you: McCain will be the next President of the United States."

Christian's remarks have been a hot topic on on cable news and talk radio, and she made an appearance with Fox News' Neil Cavuto to, among other things, discuss her disappointment and explain why she won't vote for an Obama/Clinton ticket.

Christian's friend Will Bower writes on the Huffington Post today, "Harriet is salty. Harriet is a firecracker. Harriet is many things. But Harriet is not a lunatic. She is a life long New Yorker who has worked for civil rights for over forty years. She's a woman full of life and passion. She's a woman who gave her emotions free reign for a few well-televised minutes."