In July, when the NYC Economic Development Corp. announced plans for a ferry station and a pier on the East River in northwest Greenpoint, it looked like it would take at least two years for the ferry service to come to the neighborhood's rescue (or doom, according to some commenters). But now it looks like Greenpoint will get a waterborne route to Manhattan much sooner than that. Streetsblog reports that the city is subsidizing a pilot program to bring ferry service to Greenpoint and North Williamsburg as soon as May of next year!

At a Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance panel meeting yesterday, officials outlined the plan, which would have "transit-like routing." That means the ferry would run along a route from Hunters Point South in Long Island City, to India Street in Greenpoint, to North 6th Street and South 8th Street in Williamsburg, to Fulton Ferry, and only then cut over to somewhere in Manhattan. (The northbound route would repeat the same series of stops). The ferry would operate seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and come at least every 20 minutes during peak hours. It's unclear how much a ride will cost, but the service will be contracted out to a private company and subsidized by the city. However much they charge for a ticket, it'll probably still be cheaper to kayak.