London Eye

The Post reports that the Tussauds Group, the people behind the freaky yet fascinating wax museum, are talking to the city about bringing a huge Ferris Wheel to the South Street Seaport. Similar to the London Eye (pictured), which has been a huge hit, with $70 million in annual ticket sales, the proposed NYC ferris wheel would offer dazzling views, with the top of the wheel 450 feet above ground. The Economic Development Council has asked the Tussauds Group to apply, as the EDC tries to find a number of possibilities to "anchor" waterfront development. Remember, the Guggenheim had planned to build a $900 million, Frank-Gehry-designed, lower Manhattan museum on the East River, but those plans went bust a year and a half ago. Gothamist likes the idea of a "New York Eye," since the London Eye is pretty cool, but we're not sure if it would work as well at the South Street Seaport. When thinking about how the London Eye is situated, crudely speaking, the ferris wheel should be placed on the east side of the East River. We'll interested for more details, should the Tussauds Group decide to move forward.