There's nothing like losing an election by 20 points to a billionaire incumbent mayor who outrageously overspent you to make you upset. Fernando Ferrer complained in El Diario that the news media and polling organizations helped bury him, making some people wonder if he's got a bad case of the sour grapes. Ferrer claims that reporters didn't take notes during his press conferences and polls were too concerned with huge margin Bloomberg had on him. Plus, the October 6 subway terror alert took attention away from the debate that Bloomberg never attended. The NY Times points out that Ferrer did "not place blame on himself at any point in the El Diario interview," but of course the Times would do that - the Times endorsed Bloomberg! We can't blame Ferrer for being incredibly bitter, but blaming the Post for running a pre-election cover that implied it was over for him is way too easy. Democratic strategist Joseph "Geraldine Who?" Mercurio thinks Ferrer should blame his own team, for not having a strong enough "anti-Bloomberg message."

Plus Ferrer still has some campaign debt to take care of, which led to his email plea to supporters (via The Daily Transom) to donate to his war chest. Naturally, the Post is outraged about this, as it will mean taxpayers will keep paying for Ferrer's campaign, since funds are matched.