After Los Angeles Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa beat incumbent James Hahn to become the first Hispanic mayor of Los Angeles, the NY Times looks at the how Fernando Ferrer's aides hope to replicate that kind of success come the city's mayoral election this November. Still reeling from his remarks about the Amadou Diallo shooting, Ferrer finds himself struggling, and the NY Times article suggests that the Latino support he would need to win the Mayoral election (let alone the primary) is not very strong. We don't know that much about Villaraigosa's platform, but Gothamist is curious whether he'll extend some cross-country support for any NYC Democrats...perhaps it's more likely after the primary.

And earlier this week, Ferrer challenged Mayor Bloomberg to a debate about Amadou Diallo; we can't find the link, but we think Ferrer's intention was to show he was more supportive of the Diallo family than Bloomberg. The Mayor himself is plugging along with his reelection juggernaut, basking in frontrunner (whoda thunk it) status, higher approval ratings, and a media blitz. His English speaking ads were released (less funny than the Spanish ones), and to sum it up, they are testimonials. Think Average Joe and Janes talking about the state city the along with former Mayors Giuliani and Koch. Okay, it's always funny with Ed Koch. The spots are very respectful, very "I helped this city return to glory after September 11" but in a subtle way. Here's the script, via the Times. The Mayor's support amongst the Latin community is pretty low, so we imagine more community events and initiatives targetted at them to shore up that base.