Well, would you look at that: When the four Democratic mayoral candidates bands together and supports Fernando Ferrer, the Bloomberg campaign gets worried. Ferrer was joined by C. Virginia Fields, Gifford Miller, and the runner-up in the primary, Anthony Weiner, in what Newsday called a "unity ritual" at City Hall, to show that the city's Democratic party could hold hands and that only they could fight the billionaire Mayor. The Mayor's team scrambled to paint him as being in touch with the common man by having Mayor Bling hold a press conference with Reverend Calvin Butts, the influential preacher in the African American community, who praised the Mayor and said the city shouldn't change its path. Fun fact: They met at the Harlem IHOP.

However, the Mayor does agree that holding a primary, which would cost $12 million, would be "senseless." The NY Times brings up the question about whether or not the Democrats will be able to get the support they need now that Freddy is the candidate; some people who voted for Weiner, Miller and even Fields may shift their allegiances to Bloomberg based on any number of issues (education, racial issues, quality of life).

Finally, Weiner's constituents are pretty pissed off at him, saying, "Stop acting like a wiener!" If only they knew that wasn't the first time he's heard that.

Photograph by Andres Duque; more photographs here