Feris Jones, the NYPD officer who stopped a salon robber while she was off-duty and getting her hair done on Saturday, is being promoted to detective today. Jones, who in her 20 years in the NYPD had never fired her weapon, confronted 19-year-old Winston Cox as he attempted to rob the Bed-Stuy salon. She identified herself as an officer before he began shooting at her; she returned fire, shooting his revolver out of his hands. She also shot the front door, which locked it. And after that, we assume Jones twirled the revolver around her finger, blew on the barrel, and reminded Cox that the salon ain't big enough for the two of them.

A witness says Cox yelled, "This ain't no joke. This is a robbery. I will kill you," when he entered the salon, and ordered the four women inside to hide in the bathroom. After the confrontation, Cox fled on his hands and knees through the front glass, and police found him in a single-room-occupancy hotel on Pacific Street with his injured hand wrapped in paper towels. Cox was already on parole for selling crack in Vermont, and was charged with attempted murder and robbery. A friend of his said yesterday, “He was struggling. He has a baby on the way."

His own mother didn't share the same sympathies. Instead of defending her son's actions, Cheryl Cox praised Jones for her bravery. "What a great police officer—she did what she was trained to do. I would have done the same thing." She probably means it—she has filed eight domestic-violence complaints against her son.