2005_05_washparkyes.jpgYesterday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted to approve the Parks Department's plans to redesign Washington Square Park, but the Parks Department will scrap its plans for gates. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe said, "The gates were clearly a hot-button issue that went beyond the neighborhood. The people have spoken, and we have listened." Yes, the gates people like are saffron and removed after sixteen days. Reaction to the approval is mixed, with many residents feeling left out of the process and some local politicians threatening to withhold city money if plans are not revised. The main opposition to the new plans for the park is directed at a proposed perimeter fence; Parks Commissioner Benepe explained, "You can't have a landscaped park without a perimeter fence, or else people will walk through the landscape and soon there is no landscape." So, landscapes are not for walking? Good to know.

Curbed on Washington Square Park redesign sentiments, pre-vote.