In case you've set your RSS feed only to Justin Bieber-related information for the past couple months, people have been none too chipper about the TSA full-body scanners and full-body pat downs which have taken over our airports this holiday season. But one woman didn't find getting digitally naked to be satisfyingly invasive enough; she took it a step further, and stripped naked mid-flight on a plane from Chicago to JFK last night. And worst of all, she broke the first rule of doing-something-crazy club, and did it in front of a reporter!

A Newsday news manager was on Delta Flight 6562 Saturday night when the unidentified 30-something-year-old woman in coach began to strip twenty minutes before the plane began its descent. According to David Holland, the Newsday manager, the woman began crying, yelling and saying "No! No! No!" when flight attendants tried to cover her with blankets. "She didn't seem like she was coherent...Everybody was leaning in, trying to get a view of what all the commotion was," he said. The woman was brought to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, was deemed an emotionally disturbed person.

This wasn't the worst example of mid-flight nudery recently: just before Thanksgiving, a man burst out of the airplane toilet on a flight in Russia completely naked, and proceeded to frolic around plane until an emergency landing was required. The picture on the website accompanying the story could lead anyone to become emotionally disturbed.