Two female NYPD officers are accusing a supervisor of sexual harassment at the 103rd precinct in Jamaica, Queens. CBS2 reports that the two officers, whose identities have not been disclosed, say the supervisor, Lt. Jason Margolis, is married with kids, and "is known around the precinct for hitting on female subordinates." One of the unidentified officers says, "He’s asked me several times to go to his home. He’s also asked was I interested in white men or is it because he’s married that I wouldn’t go out with him." Of course, it didn't (allegedly!) end there.

One of the officers has filed a discrimination complaint with the NYS Division of Human Rights, and she says Margolis told her "that, if I learned how to play the game — meaning, if I accepted his advances, sexual advances towards me — then most of my problems would go away." She says she's faced retaliation after reporting the harassment to Internal Affairs, and her attorney tells CBS2, "Unfortunately they’re in the position where, if they say ‘no,’ to a supervisor’s orders, to a lieutenant’s orders, they can be automatically suspended." NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says the complaints are being investigated, but in the meantime one of the cops says, "Something has to be done. I don’t want to go back to work."

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