It's been a little while since our last dispatch from notorious "Horndog High" James Madison High School, but a Catholic school in Staten Island may be in contention to take the moniker from it. According to a report in the Post today, police are investigating multiple allegations of teachers sleeping with teenage students—and the administrators who allegedly turned a blind eye to it.

The Post reports that 25-year-old gym teacher and assistant women’s basketball coach Meghan Mahoney carried on a relationship for several months with a 16-year-old student at Moore Catholic High School in Graniteville. The relationship allegedly started when Mahoney offered to coach the student at basketball last fall. The student, whose name is being withheld, told the Post that she would pick him up and take him to secluded spots to have sex. "We would just drive around and [do it] in the car," he said.

"We were never boyfriend-girlfriend,” he added. "It was cool. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I told my best friend and like three kids." As for his friends' reaction: "[They said] How awesome — good job."

Mahoney denies the allegations, but the teen's parents say they saw the pair go out together in the evenings on several occasions, and they mistakenly thought she was a fellow student. Apparently, the affair came to light after the teen's ex-girlfriend made a 911 call about them after following them out last January. Mahoney resigned later that month. School board chairman Anthony Ferreri said there were claims that Mahoney had sex with another student in 2012, but those rumors were "unsubstantiated."

Richard Postiglione, Moore’s athletic director and chief operating officer, has also been accused of failing to report multiple faculty-student affairs to authorities beginning as early as 2006, besides Mahoney. "Richie knew all about it," a source who told principal Bob Manisero about the relationship, told the Post. "Bob told me [Postiglione] had investigated and there was no truth to it. He told me she came from an upstanding Catholic family. But there was notorious gossip all over the school. These boys didn’t keep quiet."

Postiglione allegedly knew about another female coach sleeping with a female student back in 2006-2007, but protected the teacher. On top of all that, Sabrina Panfilo, the former development director at Moore, filed a complaint against Postiglione over sexual harassment. Panfilo claims she was fired by him in "retaliation because I rejected his sexual advances and made a formal complaint to the board."

Also in that complaint, it reads that Postiglione told Panfilo that her infant son could be watched by Mahoney, "a woman who has been alleged to have engaged in sexual relations with a minor at the school."