2005_05_duffbeer.jpgIt's a story made for an episode of The Simpsons: Three men saw a driverless, idling Heineken truck and decided to steal it. They drove the truck from 58th Street and Avenue of the Americas to the Sunset Market in Brooklyn at Seventh Avenue and 41st Street, and sold the 15 cases of beer for $19 per case. However, the police caught up with the beer bandits because the truck's LoJack kicked in, and the robbers were arrested. The Sunset Market's owner was charged too, with the police believing that she was in on the deal, as beer is usually $29 a case; her husband claimed that she wasn't in on the scam. A police source told Newsday it was "too much of a coincidence" that the thieves would drive all the way out to the Sunset Market, but, hey, if this was their neighborhood market, who knows? And no word on what happened to the beer - it's either on its original way or it's in police custody!