Good morning, East River by any.g on Flickr
In addition to cooler weather the other meteorological sign that fall has arrived is the speeding up of the atmosphere. The next couple of days will see a bam bam bam of successive weather systems. A weak cold front came through early this morning to bring us clear skies for the day. With any luck the high will reach the mid 70s this afternoon.

Clouds return tonight ahead of an approaching low pressure system and associated warm front. There will be a good chance of rain, and a slight chance of a thunderstorm during the day tomorrow. Behind the warm front the high may climb to 70 degrees. The rain will probably only last until tomorrow evening. A second, more serious, cold front will sweep the moisture away and be the harbinger of a cooler air mass.

The high pressure system behind tomorrow's cold front will bring a clear and cool Friday. Friday's high will be in the upper 50s. A brisk breeze will make it feel cooler than that. Mostly cloudy skies on Saturday will keep the temperature down in the mid 50s. Sunday is looking sunnier and more seasonable.