mr_freeze.jpgHoly icicle breath, where's Batman when you need him? Mr. Freeze has taken over the city and he's going to keep us in his grip for at least a week. Although today and tomorrow will bear the brunt of the cold, there won't be much warming until next Monday at the earliest. The freeze covers much of the northern half of the country, from New England down to the Ohio Valley and back up to Montana. With an expected low of thirty below we can see why Bob Dylan wanted to leave Hibbing, Minnesota.

We won't get Hibbing-like temperatures here, but our low temperature tomorrow morning will again be around ten degrees. In fact, tomorrow will pretty much be a cold and windy repeat of today. It won't be much warmer on Wednesday, but the winds will subside, taking the bite out of the chill. Temperatues will begin to edge toward the freezing mark on Thursday.

This air mass is so dry that there is no chance for precipitation during the week. If you haven't done so already this is an excellent time to break out the humidifier and moisturizers.