surface weather mapDon't let the calm demeanor of this morning's weather fool you. The storm that rained out a couple of World Series games in St. Louis is paying us a visit tonight and it has a nasty temperament. In the calm before the storm we should have a chilly, sunny day. The temperature should top out around 50 degrees, ten degrees below normal. It won't cool off much this evening as the wind shifts and clouds and showers arrive.

The showers get replaced by a steady rain after midnight. The rain will continue through tomorrow morning. The National Weather Service is estimating that between one and three inches of precipitation will fall from the storm. Locally higher amounts are possible. October's rainfall is already 1.34 inches above average. While this storm will add to our current sogginess, this month can't hold a candle to last October, which astute Gothamist readers will remember as the wettest October and second-wettest month ever recorded in Central Park. Weirdly, tonight's storm is very similar to a storm we wrote about almost exactly one year ago.

Along with the rain it will be plenty windy. This storm is quick-moving and intense. As it rams into the high pressure system that's off the New England coast not only will the moisture be wrung out of it but the pressure gradient will get steeper and steeper, increasing the wind speeds. After midnight tonight winds will pick up to at least a steady 20-25 miles an hour for the remainder of the weekend. Gusts may reach 50 miles an hour tomorrow and Sunday before dying down on Monday.