Because no one ever gets tired of hearing about Sarah Palin, ever, we thought you'd like to know that she has included one of Donald Trump's vulgar apartment complexes as "one of the great things in America" to visit on her non-publicity tour. She'll be here TONIGHT, to eat at a "low-key" restaurant with Donald Trump, "not one of New York's more upscale dining establishments," according to ABC News. We expect to see paparrazzi lined up outside Gray's Papaya within the hour!

Palin spent the first part of the day in Gettysburg, asking people where Jeff Daniels died, then moved on to Philadelphia, where she saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. One chaperone with Lincoln Elementary School students who were visiting the Bell and weren't participating in a costly media stunt to selfishly remain in the public eye, said "I think she should stop the tour, stay home and stop causing chaos for everyone else." Get real, libtard! This bus is a'rollin all the way to the White House!