Climate change is destroying the Earth, Jeremy Renner's app has been shutdown, and city officials are making rat soup with their rat ladles. There's bad news everywhere you click online right now, but we're here to change all that with a little bit of news that is extremely, blissfully 😺pawsitive.😺

As you can see in the video below, a group of New Yorkers joined forces this week to come up with an elaborate plan to rescue a kitten that was reportedly stuck inside a street sewer in Brooklyn for nearly two days. As one person tweeted, "Hasidic Jews and Hispanics working together to save a kitten. That’s Brooklyn."

As someone says toward the end of the video, the kitten really does deserve a nice "schnitzy sandwich"!

We've reached out to the uploader for more information about where and when this happened, how they even realized the kitten was down there in the first place, and most importantly, whether the kitty got a nice "schnitzy sandwich" afterwards.

Last month, a kitten was rescued after it was spotted dodging traffic on the George Washington Bridge; earlier in August, police came together to rescue a kitten stuck in a drain; in June, cops spent five hours rescuing a another kitten who got stuck in a car's engine; back in April, a kitten named Cadbury was rescued under a sewer grate. Honestly, I'm starting to think kittens really need to be held more accountable for getting themselves into these situations. Get your shit together, kittens!