According to court papers, a couple living in Arlington, Virginia (you know, CLOSE TO WASHINGTON D.C.) admitted to being spies for Russia. Federal prosecutors says that Michael Zottoli said he was Russian national named Mikhail Kutzik while Patricia Mills confessed she's Russian citizen Natalia Pereverzeva. CNN reports, "Prosecutors said that the couple waived their rights to remain silent and made the admissions soon after being arrested at their Arlington, Virginia residence over the weekend."

The Department of Justice says that Zottoli and Mills, as well as nine others, including a NYC party girl, have been spying on the U.S. for Russia's intelligence agency, with many of the suspects living under deep cover as couples. Prosecutors opposed bail for Zottoli and Mills, saying they found cash and various documents for their fake covers, including $80,000 in a safe deposit box, "divided into eight unmarked envelopes, each of which contained $10,000 in what appeared to be new $100 bills." Plus, the couple has been trying to send their children back to Russia since their arrests, which, prosecutors say, will give them more incentive to flee if granted bail.

Zottoli and Mills reportedly traveled to NYC to meet contact Richard Murphy, a Montclair, NJ resident who, along with wife Cynthia, is accused of being a spy. The News reports, "In 2004, Zottoli met Murphy in Columbus Circle to collect cash while Mills "stood lookout," the papers state. Five years later, Murphy delivered a flash memory card and $150,000 to Zottoli."

A judge ordered Zottoli, Mills and third alleged spy Mikhail Semenko held without bail. A preliminary hearing is being held next week. Another accused spy, Juan Lazaro, a Yonkers resident and former CUNY professor, allegedly admitted to being a spy for Russia.