Over the weekend, the NY Times had a story about immigration officials trying to deport a 7 year-old Canadian-born boy back to Canada - even though his mother is an American citizen (and after seeing the article, immigration officials decided to let him stay). Today, there's a story about a Chinese woman that immigration officials are trying to deport - and how their treatment of her could have caused her to miscarry her twins. Backstory: Zhenxing Jiang and her husband Tien Xiao Zhang live in Philadelphia with their two American-born sons and have run a restaurant there for ten years; Jiang was denied political asylum in the U.S. (claiming China's one-child policy was too strict), but her husband's case is still on appeal. According to Jiang's lawyer, last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers drove her from their Philadelphia office - where her husband and sons were waiting in the lobby - to JFK Airport. Without telling her husband and kids. Allegedly, they did not give her any food and ignored her complaints that she wasn't feeling well. Once at the airport, she finally got medical attention (perhaps because she was in a public area?) and found out at a hospital that the two fetuses she was carrying had died. The Times reports that there will be protests today in Philadelphia and New York about the ICE's treatment of Jiang, and City Councilman John Liu spoke out against the ICE. Where will conservatives stand on this one? Which issue will they stand for, the loss of human life or deporting all immigrants? But this cannot be good for the feds - trying to deport little children, making women miscarry. For shame!

And according to the lawyer, Jiang has "disappeared." We assume she was taken in by a sympathetic family.