Transportation officials have put the kibosh on cheapie Chinatown bus line Double Happyness Travel Inc, calling it "an imminent hazard" and shutting down all operations immediately. But how will we get to Baltimore with five minutes notice now?

Feds found "numerous violations of rules on vehicle maintenance and driver safety, including drug and alcohol testing and records on how long drivers were working." The line, which seems to also go by the name AA, runs between Chinatown and Albany, Baltimore, and a handful of cities in Delaware. The good(ish) news is that there are about four hundred other Chinatown buses that will take you to any of these cities, the bad news is that they might get shut down, too.

While Happyness/AA hasn't been involved in any accidents recently, transportation officials are inspecting low-cost bus lines (many of them based in Chinatown) more closely following a string of horrific accidents on some lines. Maybe shelling out for Bolt Bus isn't the worst idea, after all.