She may developing a talk show, but that doesn't mean former Westchester DA and failed Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro can't be investigated some more! WNBC's Jonathan Dienst reports the federal investigation into Pirro's doings has broadened, with a focus on what occurred during 2004-2005.

Last fall, news that state and federal authorities were investigating whether Pirro eavesdropped on her husband made her the scandal du jour during the election (until Driving Mrs. Hevesi surfaced). Now the investigation is looking to see if Pirro and campaign workers trying to mount a Senate bid to challenge Senator Hillary Clinton used computers and databases at the Westchester DA offices to conduct background checks on donors. D'oh! Pirro's lawyer says that background checks were done, but to make "sure that no contributor was the subject or target of any pending investigation."

After hearing how Pirro had an ill-fated bead business and now this, we expect to find out that Westchester DA employees were forced to Bedazzle thank you letters to campaign contributors. And Pirro ended up dropping out of the Senate race in late 2005 because not even State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno wanted her in the race.