A federal grand jury has been convened to look at whether the NYPD leaked information about the 2009 subway bomb plot, and so far, four NYPD detectives have testified. Now the Daily News reports that the grand jury is also looking at how reporters got details about other terrorism cases, like "how reporters knew Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad lived in Connecticut - before he was captured."

When the bomb-filled SUV was found in Times Square last year, it was noted that the SUV's (stolen) license plates were from Connecticut. According to the News, "Shahzad was at home when he saw reports online that the feds were looking for a Connecticut man. He bolted just before news trucks arrived in his neighborhood and was finally yanked off a plane just minutes from takeoff at Kennedy Airport." Keep in mind, FBI surveillance also almost lost sight of him.

The other incident the grand jury is looking at is how reporters knew that Somali terrorist Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame was flown to NYC to be tried here. Some believe that the leaks to the press actually came from the FBI, and a source told the News, "It's an all-out witch hunt." One NYPD cop who will testify next week is the NYPD deputy chief James Shea, who had headed the Joint Terrorism Task Force; he was demoted after refusing to turn over a secret FBI file to his superiors.