FEMA has finally brought fuel to gas-starved New York and New Jersey, but it looks like shortage-sparked tensions are still running high. As promised, the Feds sent a tanker yesterday and have begun to distribute free gas through mobile stations in the city and on Long Island. But the FEMA gas stations have also brought more long lines to the city, drawing thousands of motorists and people looking to refuel their generators.

A mobile station in Queens had a 20-block line of cars yesterday, and one in Crown Heights had a line running for 12 blocks. "People have been cutting the line like crazy," Adam Brahimaj, who waited for three hours for fuel in Crown Heights, told the Daily News.

And some motorists have even waited for hours at closed stations, hoping they'll somehow reopen. "I've been here for 16 hours," Lee Fenstemaker, who parked outside a station in Bay Ridge, told the Daily News. "I haven't slept. I feel stupid."

FEMA brought 8 million gallons of gas with them, and they plan to send another 28 million gallons our way over the next few days. But gas stations all over the area are running out of fuel, and frustration and fear have remained. Mayor Bloomberg has said that it will still take a few days for FEMA's gas relief efforts to be felt, and Gov. Cuomo urged New Yorkers to keep their cars at home during today's press conference.