Everybody gets a bribe! You get a bribe! And you get a bribe! And you get a bribe! That, at least, seems to be the attitude over at the offices of Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who was arrested earlier this week on a second set of corruption charges after being acquitted of the first earlier this year. See, it wasn't just Boyland taking money. According to the FBI his chief of staff, Ry-Ann Hermon, was in on the take too. And it made her hot.

"Oh my God!" Hermon, 33, reportedly cooed after receiving a $1,000 payoff last March, court papers say. "You just, like, made me hot!"

Hermon allegedly was jealous of all the cash her boss was getting and wanted some too (she wanted to "eat steak and potatoes" like her boss). "If you give [bribes] to our boss we are not getting it," she said in a secretly taped conversation. Then, after getting her cash, she thanked the undercover agent, saying "I appreciate your generosity." She also told them, "I'm actually sharing with the staff in the office."

Hermon, who was released on $100,000 bond yesterday, has been charged with helping Boyland solicit a quarter-million in bribes for a multimillion dollar real estate deal as well as to help pay his attorney fees. She's also charged with soliciting at least $2,000 in bribes for herself.