WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is scheduled to speak at The Next Hope conference (held at the Hotel Pennsylvania) today, but he may not want to, given that federal agents were there yesterday. CNET reports, "[Conference organizer] Eric Corley...said that five Homeland Security agents appeared at the conference a day before Assange was scheduled to speak. The conference program lists Assange -- who has been at the center of a maelstrom of positive and negative publicity relating to the arrest of a U.S. serviceman and videos he may have provided the document-sharing site -- as speaking at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday. 'If he shows up, he will be questioned at length,' Corley told CNET."

When a conference worker asked for the agents to produce search warrants, two of them paid the $100 conference fee to attend. In April, Wikileaks gained more notoriety after publishing video of a U.S. army shooting that claimed the lives of a Reuters journalist and his assistant. (Soldier Bradley Manning was charged earlier this month for leaking the video.) A June New Yorker feature on Assange detailed how he and the WikiLeaks team worked on the video—and how he is regularly paranoid about being spied on.