It's been a long, hard road for some of the city's subway lines since Hurricane Sandy—partial closures have made the G train more ghastly, the 7 keeps shutting down intermittently for months on end and the R train has developed an interminable fear of traveling underwater that'll last for at least another half year . Thankfully, the federal government has taken a break from squabbling over Obamacare long enough to be good parents and hand over some cash; they'll be giving the MTA over $880 million for Hurricane Sandy repairs.

The federal funds announcement came courtesy of Senator Chuck Schumer, who says the cash will primarily go towards reimbursing repairs in the heavily damaged Montague, Greenpoint and Steinway subway tunnels. "Even though most parts of the subway got back up and running after the storm quicker than anyone ever imagined, there are still major repairs underway," Schumer said in a statement. "This funding will be critical in restoring our system to full strength, moving New Yorkers through the city once again, and preventing such a shutdown from happening in the future.”

AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. The $886 million-or-so is just the first batch of a big $3.79 billion allocation the MTA will be receiving in total, courtesy of the Federal Transit Administration. That leftover MetroCard cash is just pocket change now, you guys.