All right, New Yorkers, you've heard about this so-called stimulus money for months. Now Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson are letting you know it's time to grab...that...dough! One of the first projects funded by stimulus money got underway this week, building new retail space for much-needed restaurants and shops at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. And yesterday the big two in NY politics announced that stimulus money will fund 8,000 more summer jobs for teenagers than there were last year. Teens can apply at this website until May 15th for jobs at everywhere from small businesses to government agencies to Barnes & Noble. If kids need any convincing for more reason not to spend three months simply keying cars and finally going for extra bases on the sexual diamond, maybe they can find it in words from one electrician finding work for the first time in months at the Ferry Terminal. He told the News, "Personally, I'm just excited to be in a field that might actually benefit from the new ideas Obama is putting on the table."