Various federal officials want to take back $169 million in 9/11 funds because they went unused. Now Gothamist understands that the government is looking for money all over the place, but trying to take $169 million from NYC just seems wrong. Especially when the money was earmarked for victims. Which is not to say that the NY city and state governments aren't at fault for not figuring out how to distribute the money in a timely manner (and the Government Accountability Office reportedly found "$44 million was improperly spent by New York bureaucrats who failed to follow guidelines" because the money was spent towards victims, not towards administrative costs). Oh, and then another $125 million for other victims' funds is being targetted to be withdrawn because the amount of claims for funds was much smaller than the $125 million. New York politicians on both sides of the aisle are in a tizzy, claiming that President Bush promised (he promised, guys!) not just $20 billion, but actually $21.4 billion, while his spokesman says that there's no money beyond the $20 billion. Gothamist would make a crack about the cost of the Iraqi War, but we'll refrain, as we will never, ever, ever understand how the government works. And, yes, New York might be money grubbing, but, damn it, we ought to be.

The 9/11 Commission wants to meet again to see if the government is following up on its recommendations.