2005_08_traffic.jpgThe city will dedicate $71 million to improving traffic for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians thanks to some federal aid (yes, we actually do get some!) from the Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program, with the overall goal being to have better air quality. The money will be distributed accordingly (via the Daily News and Newsday):
- $26 millon to incentivize delivery companies to use alternative fuels
- $21 million for the Pedestrian Network Development Project, which means more improving pedestrian needs and improving bike lanes
- $14 million for the Traffic Management Center in LIC to be able to monitor major arteries (they'll be able to adjust traffic lights)
- $3.7 million for a Walk to School program and air improvement education
- $1.8 million in Downtown Brooklyn to bring carpool parking and alternativefuel shuttle buses to the Fulton St. ferry landing.
- Plus $5 million to study problem areas

The Mayor said that because roads have been improved, there are more drivers out there, and then emphasized that mass transit, bicycling and commutes by foot will be more important to improving air quality and therefore quality of life (higher blood pressure). Gothamist has to agree...if we had all the time in the world, we rather walk or take the subway somewhere. Of course, though some people don't believe traffic in the city can be fixed, at any rate, we thank you, CMAQ!