A 42-year-old homeless man was arrested in connection with a disturbing Manhattan assault involving feces. As he was being escorted from a police building, Ekwan Hill told reporters, "God did it."

Hill was charged with assault and forcible touching for a Monday incident: Police say that he followed a 27-year-old woman walking on East 74th Street between First and York Avenues before stuffing a bag of feces down her shorts. The attack was caught on surveillance video:

Then the authorities noted that a 33-year-old woman was smeared in the face and torso by a man on East 91st Street.

The Daily News reports, "Cops nabbed [Hill] at a Brooklyn homeless shelter Thursday night after a block-by-block search near the crime scenes failed to flush out the mad pooper. A tip from a security guard led officers to the Myrtle Ave. Men’s Shelter in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where Hill was munching away on his dinner, sources said."

After he was shown footage of the attacks, Hill allegedly admitted to police, "That's me." Further, police apparently found latex gloves and a shirt matching the one the suspect was wearing at his shelter locker.

While walking from the police precinct, Hill mentioned Louis Farrakhan, "It's a Farrakhan. Sometimes they bring you here, they enlighten you. What they do to you, they try to turn you into a slave on Earth."

Hill, who is being held on $90,000 bail, has 21 prior arrests, but no record of psychological incidents. A homeless shelter resident told the News, "He’s really borderline delirious — bad body odor, talks to himself, keeps to himself. Those feces he threw was probably his own. He’s an outcast type of dude."

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce called the victims, who helped ID Hill, "Tough ladies. Right now they’re doing fine. Obviously the ghastliness of the crime has upset them."