Are you over the snow yet? Yesterday's storm, coupled with the month's earlier ones, has made February 2010 one for the history books: With 36.9 inches of snow this month, it's the snowiest February ever, since records began in 1869.

The previous February record was in 1934, with a paltry 27.9 inches, according to the NY Times, which also reports, "Central Park had 20.9 inches by 7 p.m., the fourth largest snowfall in its history and the largest since the record, 26.9 inches, in 2006."

The weather has been wearying: Besides some residents having their power knocked out, the act of shoveling has become routine. A street cleaner told the Post, "When I saw the snow, I wanted to call in and take a vacation day or something, but I knew that New Yorkers need me to keep the sidewalks clear." WCBS 880 came upon a father and daughter in Harlem who were doing their best to keep their spirits up: The dad said they were playing a game "to see how much snow she can shovel off the car and throw it on dad."