2008_11_myspace.jpgA missing 12-year-old's grandparents tell the Daily News that they fear she was "lured into a trap" by someone on MySpace. Apparently Juliana Carrozza claimed she was 17 on her MySpace profile and grandfather Vinny Carrozza, who has custody of Juliana, said, "She went on MySpace a lot, fooling me and my wife. She knew how to delete it without us picking it up. The language on there was disgusting for a 12-year-old. There was guys there, too." Last seen on November 14, she said she was sick and stayed in her room. But neighbors say they saw her go into a black car, possibly a livery cab, which "peeled off about 5:45 p.m. near her home...in Windsor Terrace." The News, which points out how MySpace's user agreement says visitors must be 13, reports the police are investigating; Juliana is listed on the NY State Missing and Exploited Children Clearninghouse.